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Monday June 17, 2019
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Brian | posted 03-03-2009 | Number of Votes: 49  |  Current Rating: 2.44   

I work at a movie store and it seems that everyday i have at least one of these costumers.

They walk in and without looking at the signs or checking the new release wall, they ask me for some new movie that we have about 100 copies left of.

In particular someone came in, and we have these HUGE displays for Batman-The Dark Knight, and three full racks full of the dark knight, we ordered about 350 of this movie. It was the day after the release and I'm wearing these stupid dark knight paper glasses.

She asks, "do you carry the new batman movie?"
I laughed at first and then said, "yeah, just walk along that outside wall until you find a big dark spot."

Then she walked to the back of the store and started looking at the end of the alphabet. She gets about halfway and walks back and says, "I can't find it".

I walk her to the start of the wall, to the B's, and she says "oh I thought they were in alpha order"

I didn't know what to say because everyday we re-alphabetize and check for out of place movies.

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