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Saturday January 25, 2020
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press-f1-for-help | posted 04-09-2009 | Number of Votes: 50  |  Current Rating: 4.21   

OK, this is one where *I* was kind of stupid ... along with a few others...

I was in a meeting today with a couple of managers ... discussing some possible new functionality. This functionality involved providing some web content that already existed via another mechanism.

We were trying to look at the current content to see how it might be adapted to work with the new mechanism. One of the managers launched Firefox to view the content ... and all of a sudden hundreds of tabs opened with the Firefox help page.

Thinking something was screwed up with Firefox we shut it down. We tried to view the content a few more times ... with the same result. Now we were thinking the computer was infected with a virus.

A few seconds later the Windows help viewer started launching ... hundreds of copies.

We were now convinced he had a virus on his computer ... although it was a very odd virus.

It was then I noticed that the keyboard was wedged under the edge of the monitor ... and pressing down the F1 key constantly.

We moved the keyboard out from under the monitor ... and the mysterious behavior stopped.

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