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Friday January 15, 2021
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mike | posted 07-02-2009 | Number of Votes: 132  |  Current Rating: 8.20   

In an alarmingly high proportion of posts on Clientcopia, the non-IT person is shown as seeming unnecessarily aggressive, and I want to suggest that in *some* cases this follows from having been treated as an imbecile by IT professionals.

A common example of that attitude is assuming that because some clients are utterly ignorant of all things IT, therefore nothing a client ever says can ever contain sense or be worth serious attention, and dropping into a standard response that (in some cases) is visibly irrelevant to the problem as presented. (eg I wrote to France Telecom complaining that their website was so obscurely structured that after half an hoour of searching I could not find the screen on which I could pay my phone bill online, and please how could I do this. The immediate response asked me for (amongst other things) the error message I had encountered, the value of the invoice I had been trying to pay, which bank had issued my debit card, and where I had entered my card number etc. Obviously this was a mindless standard response to ALL enquiries)

Another situation that clearly antagonises non-IT people is being belittled for not knowing the (latest) jargon, and I think that many contributors to this Clientcopia would do well to remember the words of A. Einstein. He famously said: "Anything that you cannot explain to your aged grandmother you do not yourself really understand". Rememberr that all you "experts". If you really know your stuff you can explain it clearly enough for anyone to understand, anyone at all, no matter how dozy &c they may be.

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