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Tuesday November 12, 2019
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Jessep | posted 07-30-2009 | Number of Votes: 92  |  Current Rating: 4.60   

This is more about being a luddite than about IT, but I couldn't resist. After computers and the internet became fixtures in public libraries, our patrons went absolutely nuts for the net. They looked up EVERYTHING on it, even though it took them hours to find exactly what they were looking for and they could have found it faster by just looking in a (gasp, how old fashioned!) book.

One woman was determined that every bit of information she got was going to be got off the web. It was her first ever session and she sat there in grim, stoney silence, gripping the mouse until it squealed. She refused all help in searching and wouldn't reveal any information about what she was seeking so we could offer suggestions on how to search.

After two hours, she comes to me in tears, insisting the whole internet is broken because she can't find what she wants. And she finally offers that "I need to know Jimmy Carter's date of birth and the machine won't tell me!"

After staring at her for a moment, I leaned over and grabbed an encyclopedia and opened it to the right page and handed it to her.

She wouldn't look at it. "It's not up to date like the internet is!"

All I could say was "Ma'am, he was only born ONCE."

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