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Saturday April 20, 2019
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Keelmeplz | posted 11-27-2009 | Number of Votes: 41  |  Current Rating: 4.59   

So I was developing this run of the mill website for one of my clients. When I was creating my log in page I added a feature so that if a user entered his password wrong 3 times the account will be blocked.

So when I finished up I sent my work to the Customers QA department which consisted of 1 person (ALL OF WHICH ARE CLAIMED TO BE IT EXPERTS). So the QA phase went on and I got a bug raised basically this is what it said:

"I entered the account name wrong three times with the correct password so it would block, but when i entered a correct account and a correct password it would still let me access".

My answer was basically:

"Hi! As of this day there's no way we can read the user's mind to see what account name he WANTED to enter, i think you meant to test the PASSWORD".

Bug fixed, no response from QA :).

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