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Tuesday July 23, 2019
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anon | posted 12-13-2009 | Number of Votes: 36  |  Current Rating: 4.53   

In late 2008:

Client: "So, for the customizable 3D user avatars for the online community you're building, can we do this?"

Me: "Sir, they've just started using this technology on PS3 games with a very large technology team."
Client: "So, why can't you do it?"
Me: "Sir, this website will be running on users' home computers. Not everyone has a computer on the level of
a PS3. Users also do not have the video or photographic technology required to make the video that will display on the 3D
model. This is not feasible for your project. Not to mention we are a 3-person team. This is way beyond the original
project. In fact, the current project is well beyond the original project."
Client: "So, can you do it?"
Me: "No."

***Next time I talk to him one week later.***

Client: "So, I've been reading more about that image metrics thing...."
Me: "Sir, we cannot use image metrics. This is absolutely not possible for this project." (Repeat conversation from last
Client: "Ok I get it now. Do you think we could do (impossible gigantic jump in scope again) instead?"
Me: "Sir, please let us keep to the plan we set upon. I have yet to be paid for the work already done."

That project did not end well.

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