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Sunday May 24, 2020
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TowedJumper | posted 12-30-2009 | Number of Votes: 40  |  Current Rating: 2.93   

A computer broke and we shipped the office a replacement desktop until it was repaired by Dell and returned to service.

User's Manager: The employee had the Weather Channel desktop application on her computer before and now its not there. We need to install it but she doesn't have admin rights.

Me: *scratches head. I guess security is functioning properly, yay!* The Weather Channel Desktop program is not an authorized company application.

Manager: But she needs it.

Me: *stop thinking, breathe, and just reply* Umm, sir, you will have to get that application approved by my management before I can install that app.

For some reason I haven't heard back yet :) I mean really? Thats pretty ballsy to call and ask for an app like that to get installed. I never understood those anyway. If its going to rain, you are still going to get wet when you leave the office and if you need the forcast, check it out at home.

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