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Saturday July 20, 2019
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Midge | posted 12-31-2009 | Number of Votes: 53  |  Current Rating: 4.64   

Not a stupid client, but an incompetent boss.

I had a boss that printed out every email she received and kept them in a stack on her desk (probably so it looked like she actually did anything). Say you got an email from your department administrator that said, "Hi, XX, I understand you got a new company phone. Can you give me the number so I can update the directory?"

You would just reply and be done with it, right?

She'd reply all right, but would print out a copy of both the original email and her reply and place it on her nice little stack.

Best one: she tried to print out an mp3 file, and then left for a meeting. After 57 pages of jibberish, one of the other managers told us to look under her keyboard because that's where she kept a Post-it with her password on it so we could cancel her print job.

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