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Wednesday May 22, 2019
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DarkRock | posted 03-25-2010 | Number of Votes: 38  |  Current Rating: 2.29   

Working at a contact center today.

Company A - Client we manage
ISP - 3rd party ISP

Received a case where we had to contact 3rd party to replace an AirCard that was lost. We need to Aircard A disabled and Aircard B to replace.

There was Chatter from Company A in the case notes from ISP that we are to contact them to have the needed work down

I call ISP at the number the 111-111-1111 number. 5 min of verbal out of date info and then I am connected to Agent1 at ISP. Hear typing and chatter. No answer. And they hung up.

Received another phone number (222-222-2222) for the same ISP and called. Explained the Aircard was lost and we need it disabled and a replacement sent.

Agent2: What is an AirCard, I have never heard this before.

Me: It's the USB device that User's connect to their Laptops so they can access the Internet. (modem)

Agent2: Do you have an account number?

Me: ############

Agent2: I cannot find an account for that number

Me: I have an email from someone internally at your company (ISP) that we are to call you on this issue. (gave the Contacts name)

Agent2 contacts the co-worker and verifies.

Agent2: Can you give me the Serial number

Me: ########

Me: I have a question for you, I called 111-111-1111 and they hungup on me. What is this number? What department is it? Am I suppose to call you at 222-222-2222 for these types of issues?

Agent2: I do not know this number, nor is it us. You should contact us at 222-222-2222 for these issues :)

Me - searched google and 111-111-1111 was their primary number for the company. - Fail

Agent2: I will send the case to a Tech to disable the aircard and contact you to have another aircard sent out. Have a good day.

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