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Saturday December 5, 2020
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saoi | posted 10-12-2004 | Number of Votes: 89  |  Current Rating: 4.38   

I taught at a vocational school in Japan. The school included official Microsoft training courses, programming, CAD etc. This was a great example of "do as I say, not as I do." The accountant used an abacus. The time clock only punched numbers on a card; we manually transcribed our hours over to a paper at the end of the month. Our vacation and sick days tally was kept in sheaf of papers bound together by what looked like a shoestring. In '95 when the computer boom hit Japan, I was in charge of putting together a course for non-tech majors about the Internet. Every student was supposed to take the course. But then it got bumped because all of the students were studying Word instead. My supervisor thought Word was the same as the Internet.

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