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Monday January 27, 2020
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DexX | posted 05-26-2010 | Number of Votes: 42  |  Current Rating: 4.21   

I do on-site IT for a small government agency, which covers anything that runs off electricity, such as phones and headsets.

A few weeks back, a staff member asked for a new wireless headset, since his was not working. I told him I didn't have any spares at the time, but I would have a play with his and see if I could get it working.

I tested it, and the mic and headphone settings were a little off, but it was perfectly functional. I tweaked the levels, told him it was working fine, and that was the end of that.

Yeah, right.

Yesterday, there's an email from my boss. "Do you have any spare headsets? Obnoxious Entitled Princess tells me his isn't working."

Fighting the urge to swear, I strolled over to the client's desk and found he wasn't there, so I called my boss and said, "Hey boss, I'm here at OEP's desk, using his broken headset."

"Uh, but I can hear you just fine."

"I know."


"User error."


My boss then CCed me into the polite but firm reply in which she stated his headset was fine and he could get some training in how to use it if he wanted.

The truly irritating thing? This precise scenario has played out twice in recent weeks with two different staff members.

Why do they always think "broken equipment" before "maybe I did something wrong"?

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