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Friday November 16, 2018
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DexX | posted 05-31-2010 | Number of Votes: 57  |  Current Rating: 3.04   

A mystery fit for the little grey cells of Poirot himself! Consider the following clues...

1) Loud, obnoxious new temp decides to get herself online without talking to me first. By coincidence, her monitor freezes up (it's an Acer, they do that sometimes) and she fools around for an undisclosed amount of time before coming to me for help.

2) I come to help, and find the Acer monitor not working, presumably frozen. The temp assures me she has "tried everything" and the monitor is "definitely plugged in". I do the usual tricks for a frozen monitor - switching off, unplugging power, waiting, plugging back in, etc. - and eventually it starts working again.

3) While this is going on, Colleen, at a neighbouring desk, has arrived at work and has found her computer will not turn on. I can't find a cause for the fault, and start to worry. I check other neighbouring desks, and the two directly across the office partition are also without power. Have we flipped a safety switch or blown a fuse?

4) I follow the labyrinth of cabling under the desks, clambering around on my hands and knees, and eventually find the fault - the daisy-chained power boards are modular, and two of the modules have come slightly apart. Every power board past that break has lost power. I squeeze the gap closed and all desks have power again.

5) The gap in the power boards was under the new temp's desk. The new temp suggests a cleaner probably knocked it loose with a vacuum cleaner.

Okay, amateur detectives; going from these clues, do you think it was the cleaner who interfered with the power board?

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