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Monday October 22, 2018
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PoglaTheGrate | posted 06-01-2010 | Number of Votes: 46  |  Current Rating: 3.45   

Many years ago, working in an electronics shop. DVDs were the norm, but videos were making their last hurrah in rental shops etc.
Guy comes in, and asks 'Do you service videos?'
<me> 'I'm sorry, what do you mean?'
<guy> 'Do you SERVICE videos?'
<me> 'Do you mean video players or...'
<me> 'Um..'
<guy> 'Forget IT. I'll find another store that isn't staffed by morons'

A few other customers watched him storm out and started chatting to me. After making a couple of sales, one customer thought he might have meant repairing video tapes that have broken. This customer sincerly hoped that the video was important to the guy, and he would have to trapse all over town to get his video repaired. Who ever you are nice customer, thankyou, you made my day!

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