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Tuesday August 11, 2020
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Jammy | posted 08-10-2010 | Number of Votes: 67  |  Current Rating: 4.51   

Sometimes its not the clients that are the problem:

Many years ago I was working as a trainee programmer while finishing my university degree. After about 6 months on the job I was given the job of updating the intranet home page. I was ecstatic this was amazing me a trainee getting to update the intranet homepage! Something 3000+ employees see on a daily basis! Wow!

I decided that this was my moment I had to mark this occasion forever! I decided I must put an Easter egg on the page. (basically a hidden bit of code that has no purpose other than the programmer showing off and having fun, there are lots hidden in very popular applications just search Google!)

I only had about an hour to make the change so I quickly searched the web and found a nice bit of JavaScript that did some fancy effects on text. I then updated the page so that if somebody double clicked a specific area on the page it would show this fancy animated message. Great I thought! I tested it and uploaded to the server. Told my manager it was all done, great Id successfully made my mark! I then went off to lunch.......

About 10 minutes later while halfway through a sandwich a rather stressed looking sysadmin came running in to the canteen looking for me. "We have a problem, 2000 machines have crashed in the last 5 minutes" At this point Im like F****!!!!! What have I done? We ran back in to the office and everyone is running around like mad its a total war zone! Everyone is panicking phones are ringing like mad! Turns out that lots of machines where crashing when you open the intranet homepage and leave it open for a minute or more.

Knowing that Id just updated the page they wanted to know did I know what might be the problem. I put on my best poker face and said "no but Ill go have a look".

Rushed back to my PC removed the code and re-published the page. I then told the sysadmin guys Ive made an update let me know if things are better. I probably should have waited longer than 5 minutes before fixing the issue as they started pestering me how I managed to fix it so quick.

Turns out the "fancy bit of JavaScript" I stole from the web had a major memory leak issue in the particular browser most of the PCs where using (but not my version hence I missed it). The animation was running and slowing filling up the machines memory until it crashed even thought the animation was invisible.

For fear of my job I kept my mouth shut for the next few months and I eventually confessed to a co-worker who quickly told all the other programmers completely destroying my programming credibility for the next 7 years. Sigh.

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