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Saturday August 15, 2020
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Jammy | posted 08-23-2010 | Number of Votes: 42  |  Current Rating: 4.61   

Around December 2007 (the year is important) i was working as the main web developer at a local authority. The departmental head comes up to me (he all ways reminds me of the dilbert boss). Hes got a flash xmas card he wants to send out to hundreds of people, and to save network traffic he'd like me to upload the flash file to the web site so he can link to it in the email instead of emailing a large flash file around.

I'm thinking its a corporate message created by some other department and this is quite a good idea. He gives me the file and leaves. I decide i'll watch it prior to uploading mainly to see what rubbish they had wasted money on.

I load it up and watch some soppy xmas snow animation which lasts about 2 minutes. Clearly it was something he had randomly downloaded from the web nothing relating to the counil at all. At the end it come up full screen in big letters "merry xmas 2005" eh? looks like he didnt even watch it all the way though, and hes going to just email this to hundreds of people (head on desk).

So i go around to the boss and say "erm you know that animation, well it says 2005 at the end"..... long seconds pass by.... "can you just change it?" I had many answers i could have given but i choose "unfortunatly no, as we dont have the original files and we dont have flash installed on any machines". "Oh well i'll have to find another". Im glad to be free of that place :D.

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