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Monday June 17, 2019
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Anton | posted 09-29-2010 | Number of Votes: 101  |  Current Rating: 4.41   

I work for tech support for a fairly large supermarket in the UK. We have one part that is notorious for breaking throughout the company for breaking and needing replacing (basically it's the part that the cash casette slots into). It takes a beating, cashiers slamming the casette, food dumped on top of it, etc. The company that makes our tills went bust a while ago, rather than getting new parts from elsewhere, or updating the till system, head office decided we can just refurb them and have spares in our cars. So most of the day is spent on scheduled calls replacing these parts and giving them to the poor guy whose job it is to clean and re-solder the connectors.

I've just finished one such call when I get a pager message from Tier 1 support, "10214 store, non-trading, please attend". Standard message, tier one guys as helpful as ever I see. Oh well, I pull over check the store directory and realise it's the store I just left. I turn myself around a drive back, and sure enough, all the tills are dark, customers looking angry, staff looking bemused. Shit, this could be a problem. The checkout manager runs over to me:

Her: It's all gone off!
Me: What happened?
Her: It's all gone off!

Okay, so I start troubleshooting as staff escort angry customers out, and there is no power to anything. Lights are on, but there is no power to the checkouts. Blown fuse? Technically I'm supposed to call an electrician to replace a fuse, but we have a stash, and policy means you can sacrifice a goat to Bel Sharamoth if it gets the store trading again, so I open the fusebox, and sure enough, the breaker marked TILLS is off. Switch it back on, and we have power again. After I'd switched everything back on, I call an electrician to see if he can work out what the original problem was, chatting to the manager waiting for him to arrive, she says, "I went to reboot the tills after you finished and when I got back everything was off."

Me: Wait, what?

She had decided that after I had replaced the part, she needed to reboot the till. By opening the fuse box at the back of the shop (marked DANGER OF DEATH, CONTRACTOR ACCESS ONLY, etc.), turning off the one marked TILLS and meandering back to the front of the shop into the ensuing chaos.

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