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Thursday January 17, 2019
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pookie bear | posted 11-10-2010 | Number of Votes: 39  |  Current Rating: 4.08   

Client of a client emails her and complains about a product being added to an online shopping cart but not showing the correct discounted price

Client emails her back, copying me in the email, and explaining that her website providers will fix this (implying this is our fault)

I check the website and indeed... No discounted price... simply because the product isn't marked as being discounted...

"Dear client,
Items on special will only be shown as being on special if you mark them as being on special!
You idiot!
Kind regards"
(wish I could mail that back to her)

This in itself - probably not too bad. Fact that I get almost an email a day like the above from her.... making me homicidal!

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