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Monday June 17, 2019
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Plisskeh | posted 11-23-2010 | Number of Votes: 88  |  Current Rating: 4.62   

I know this will get a low score because of the way we got our own back on the 'client' we had to cope with, but it is funny.

About 5 years ago at work, I was told by my IT manager to check the file servers as the disk usage had increased at an abnormal rate over the past week. I checked and found over 300GB of MP3 and AVI files. When I reported my findings I was told to outright delete them all without hesitation.

Within minutes an angry user stormed into the IT support office demanding to know why his music collection had been deleted. On the spot I made up some BS that it was company policy as we did not have copyright for the material and he admitted that neither did he.

He immediatly started ranting that he was using the company file store as a backup while he formatted his pc at home for reinstall. The cheap sod had brought it to work little by little on a 2GB USB stick every day for the past few weeks. He ended the rant by calling us all names that would get this post reported if I was to repeat them here.

My manager heard the rant, came out and backed me up on the BS 'company policy' and the user stomped away while still shouting swear words in our direction over loss of his entire illegal download collection.

My manager asked me if I had deleted it all as he told me to. I said No, I just moved it to a part of the file system not accessible to users, shall I put it all back?

He said no, make it available to the IT support staff, don't tell anyone outside the dept, and delete it on Friday afternoon.

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