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Saturday August 15, 2020
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mike | posted 01-12-2011 | Number of Votes: 45  |  Current Rating: 4.23   

For a few years I was a maths teacher, and during that time I once found my classes being monitored by a senior colleague, who therefore had to produce a report on what he had seen.

His report covered two sides of A4 paper in relatively small print and with very little spacing, and most of what he wrote was critical in tone (really serious complaints like I didn't wear a watch, not that my lessons were badly timed, just that I didn't use a watch to achieve that, stuff like that).

So the whole thing was really damning and was taken as such by the Governors, because they failed to notice that hidden in the middle of the final paragraph (which covered about 20 lines of text) were the following words "It has to be admitted though that the aims of the lesson were very clearly achieved, and that all the pupils enjoyed the lesson,"

That was the sort of maths lesson that deserves to be really torn to bits?

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