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Friday April 10, 2020
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Andrew | posted 08-15-2011 | Number of Votes: 27  |  Current Rating: 2.81   

I'm a freelance software developer and I get my fair share of "clientcopia" moments while at
work, but every now and then I get to be the "client" and I'll admit that I probably make people
bang their heads against the wall pretty hard, but in this one case, it was still me banging my

For you see, it was a couple of weeks before my wedding and my bride to be and myself had
put together a special first dance song. I used some open source software to create the song
and the software had the ability to export to a variety of audio formats (mp3, wav, etc. etc.).

We were to be wed in the boonies, and our selection of DJs wasn't exactly what you'd call vast.
So a couple weeks before the wedding we had our guy picked out and were filling out his
questionnaire sheet. In the space for "first dance song" we explained that we had our own
song that wasn't in his library and that we'd email him the song as an mp3 or any other
format that he wanted to work with.

Later that week my Bride to Be followed up with the DJ and asked him what audio format he
wanted to which he promptly replied "Audio".

"Ummmm, Audio? I'm not familiar with that format" said my B2B.

"You know, the format that CDs are in" replied the DJ.

[commence facepalm] Let's just hope the local radio station is playing something good.

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