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Wednesday May 22, 2019
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MotionMan | posted 07-23-2012 | Number of Votes: 33  |  Current Rating: 3.96   

Another attorney in my office, who is one of those annoying "I'm not
computer literate and happy to tell you about it all the time" people, was
having a computer problem. A partner asked me to take a look before
calling in the IT guy. I check it out and it looks either like a bad hdd or a
virus, so the IT guys needs to come in morning.

This guy mentions he has a new laptop. It is an Acer Aspire, which is a tiny
netbook. Anyway, I tell him he can get on the wireless network and use that
to work until the next day. He has never gone on the wireless network and
was not sure how to. I tell him I can help with that.

He takes the netbook out and starts it up while I walk to my office to get the
network details. Rather than me having to walk back to his office, I call him
and tell him to bring it to my office.

He walks in and asks for an outlet, holding his netbook and the power

I ask "Is the battery not charged"?

He says, "It does not have a battery."

He hands it to me and, sure enough, there is a big hole where the battery
should be.

He got it new at Walmart. it still has the sticky plastic around the
screen. I tell him that he needs to tear apart the boxes, which, thank
goodness, he does still have and that battery should be in there.

Seriously. Do you not have to be trying to be ignorant to not think a brand
new netbook comes with a battery?


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