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Tuesday March 19, 2019
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ct13 | posted 10-11-2012 | Number of Votes: 26  |  Current Rating: 3.88   

So, I'm a designer, but because of the number of hours involved, we are using an advertising company to build a new website. The sales guy we are working with starts talking about using earth tones, which we explain we are not wild about. We're looking for something brighter. At their request, I give them swatches that we use which correspond with ads and brochures we produce as well as examples said ads and brochures.

We get the first color scheme they have worked up and they decided to use a brown swatch (which we use sparingly and only as an accent color) as the main color - background, header, footer, navigation, all brown.

So, we get on the phone to talk this over and the first thing we say is that we don't like the brown and we want something brighter. We suggest they try perhaps some variation of the blue or the yellow-orange from our swatches that are used heavily in the examples we sent to them. Today, I get an "new" example with a note that says "we like the way the brown works; what do you think of this brown gradient?"

You can imagine my excitement when I go to look at what they've done. And, when I look at the page I discover the gradient to which they refer, the background color of the site, is EXACTLY the same as what they sent before. In fact, the only instance of brown that is changed is a group of three navigation buttons that have changed from brown to, wait for it.....reddish-brown!

This makes me want to become a clientcopia client and recolor the jpg image of the site they sent us...

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