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Friday October 19, 2018
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lulubiz | posted 10-31-2012 | Number of Votes: 52  |  Current Rating: 4.68   

Some years ago, just out of printing school, the government
agency catering to the province's reprographic needs hired me to
bring new blood to the service. The printers were all old school
guys who had not printed in any other color than black and pms
279 for 20 years or more.

So, after a few months of me trying to explain to them what
quality control is and the importance of keeping the presses in
order for better results, to no avail, the manager comes to me
all proud :

Manager : Guess what, we finally have a 4 color process order !

Me : Great !

Manager : They want it tomorrow, can you do it ?

Me : Wow that's fast. But we don't have process ink, since you
never needed it before. How fast can you have it delivered ?

Manager : Ink ? What ink ? You already have ink !

Me : Yes, sir, but only black and pms 279.

Manager : But you told me when we hired you that you were able
to make 4 color processes !! Did you lie to us ?

Me (becoming more and more confused) : No, sir. Of course not,
sir. But in order to print in CMYK, I need the 4 basic process
inks : yellow, blue, magenta and black.

Manager : But we already have black ! Isn't that enough ?

Me (looking for hidden cameras) : But it's not black process,
sir. And I still need the 3 others. I can't make yellow and red
out of blue 279, you know...

Manager : What are those lies ? You told us you could do it !
Why did we hire you for if not for this ?

As much as I tried, he would not understand. Even when he asked
the graphic staff to beat some sense into me, he would not
believe them when they told him I was right.

The next week, I was fired... and was really happy about it.

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