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Monday October 22, 2018
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litesneeze | posted 07-17-2013 | Number of Votes: 33  |  Current Rating: 0.00   

I used to sell calendars and I'm in Australia. One customer came up to me and said "All your calendars, are they the Australian dates?"

I started to answer, "The Australiana section all contain the Australian public holidays..."

"No no no," she said, "The dates themselves, are they the Australian dates or the American dates?"

"What do you mean? We have the same dates as America."

"No we don't. My daughter flew over to America once, she left Sydney on a Friday and she arrived in America the day before, on a Thursday. So their dates are different."

"... right ..."

(I didn't bother explaining how the world turns and how the international date line works, I just told her to go home, find out what day of the week the first of January falls on in Australia, and come back and pick any calendar that starts on that day of the week).

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