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Saturday October 31, 2020
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northernangel | posted 03-26-2014 | Number of Votes: 30  |  Current Rating: 4.62   

I've had a web design client for almost 6 years now. She has a
static, rarely-updated website. I also provide the web hosting
for it. We've had a friendly relationship over the years. Before
she worked with me she'd had a blog for quite a while (and still
does). She also owns another small website, which I didn't
design. So, she's not new to the internet by any means.

A few weeks ago, she asked me to move her other website (which I
didn't design or host) over to my servers, because my web
hosting services cost less than her current provider. I was glad
to do it.

After moving her website over, I set up her email account, and
told her how to access it online via a private webpage. The
address was something like

She thanks me, pays me, and I assume all is well.

Two weeks later, I hear from her.

She told me she that the the webpage for her email "doesn't
work." All she can tell me, despite my questions, is that she
can get to the page with her iPhone, but not on her desktop or
laptop. Hmmmm.

I try to troubleshoot, everything I can think of, but her lack
of detail hampers my efforts.

Then, she sends an email saying she's having trouble with Google
and Yahoo. What this has to do with the email problem, I don't

Into this email, she has copied/pasted the (very incomplete and
totally mangled from cut & paste) search results from some
undetermined Google search and Yahoo searches. She says, "See
the problem?"

Well, no. I email to ask her what trouble she's experiencing with
and Yahoo, and how I can replicate the issue.

While I wait for her reply, I'm scratching my head - and then a
little light bulb goes off inside my brain.

Less than a minute later, another email came
back with the reply to my question. Her answer confirms my
suspicion: "I'm typing the address, into Google and Yahoo and it
doesn't work!"


I explain that Google and Yahoo only include public pages in
their search results, and don't know about her private email
page. This is mind-boggling to her!

I then emailed her a screen shot showing both the browser
address bar and a Google search field, indicating which one she
should type the address into.

She doesn't know, after many years of internet use, and having
owned two websites and a couple blogs, that you can type a web
address directly into the browser's address bar. Wow.

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