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Sunday February 23, 2020
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RB48 | posted 10-17-2014 | Number of Votes: 33  |  Current Rating: 4.55   

I was hired by a manufacturing plant to see why the shipping department has been behind schedule for the past 4 months.

At the end of the packing line is where this happened...

Client: Once the packing stage has been complete one of our employees has to climb this latter to place the package on the conveyer.

*The conveyer goes into an opening into the next room

Me: You guys have the conveyer built backwards

Client: No, see it goes into the next room and then we have to place the packages on the truck

Me: The higher part is meant to be on the other side so the packages drop into the truck without you needed to manually place them...

Client: Oh...

Turns out they have been climbing up to the higher side to place packages on the conveyer to get the to the next room. When it's designed to be the other way around where packages easily drop into the truck.

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