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Sunday February 23, 2020
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Hashyra | posted 03-03-2015 | Number of Votes: 35  |  Current Rating: 3.92   

I work in a cable store.
We sell cables of all kinds (for computers, electronics, electricity, etc..)

One day, a little old lady comes in our store with her friend.
Here is the conversation :
Client : I would like to have a cable
Me : Witch one?
Client : the standart one.
Me : Right, em, for what use?
Client : For my sound system.
Me : Ah, great, do you need one with RCA connectors, optics or HDMI or other?
Client : ........
Me : sorry, I will show you my cables that goes with a saound system and tell me if you reconise the type you need.
Client : Oh, ok, thanks.
At this point I show her around with all the diffrent cables.
Client : I remember, it doesn't have any connectors.
So I go to the far and of the store with her and show her a full wall of cables with no plugs, all diffrent sizes and colors.
Client : Its a red one that my neigbour bought.
Me : right, but what size?
Client : emmm, this red but that size.
Me : Well, to be sure can you call your neigbourg and ask what size it is?
Client : No, I don't have his phone number.
Me : Ok, well can you give me his name, I might have it in our database.
Client : I don't know his name either.
I was getting very suspecious so I started asking diffrent questions.
Me ok, well how far are the speakers?
Client : Haven't decided yet.
Me : Well for what sound system is it for?
Client : I don't know, I didn't buy it yet.


At this point I had to explain to her that the cables between the speakers might change depending of the power and distance needed and to call us back as soon as she's got the needed information.

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