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Wednesday March 20, 2019
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Durandal | posted 06-28-2015 | Number of Votes: 25  |  Current Rating: 4.00   

Years ago I was hired to teach two sections of evening word processing classes for a proprietary business school. One section met for three hours M-W for 12 weeks; the other, T-T. I was paid for each hour taught.

The owner of the school, located at another site, wanted my total hours for each month by the 15th. I prorated for the remaining hours. Things were fine for a while. Then the on-campus director found out about the proration.

He told me I could no longer prorate BECAUSE I MIGHT DIE BETWEEN THE 15TH AND THE END OF A MONTH AND THUS BE OVERPAID! (It hadn't occurred to him, I guess, that I'd lose a lot more than money if I were to die.)

When the owner of the school caught wind of the director's inane remark, I was told to continue to prorate.

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