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Tuesday November 12, 2019
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Jeff42 | posted 03-10-2016 | Number of Votes: 39  |  Current Rating: 2.15   

A couple of nights ago I spent time on the internet looking at sites dealing with Good customer service, but also read a few on Marketing disasters (wondering that large companies can really get it so wrong).

Then yesterday, I (as the business manager) received a present from a card company pushing their Platinum level card. The present? A 1/10th scale radio control Ferrari, delivered by courier, with a note saying "you can admire this but not control it ... it is missing the R/C unit. We would like to demonstrate how we can give you more can control over your finances".
- The instructions gave a contact name and mobile number to call. So I called - the mobile rang out until it got to a voice mail saying "I am on leave until the 4th March - please call this 1800 number"
- I rang on the 9th March! and tried a number of times - rang out each time!
- at the 1800 number, I waited about 10 minutes before the person said that they had contacted that person's colleague, who would call me the next day (today, and no call).

Off to a good start for a very expensive marketing campaign (1/10th R/C Ferraris don't come cheap)!

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