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Monday October 22, 2018
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ailurophile | posted 03-15-2016 | Number of Votes: 146  |  Current Rating: 4.08   

I got an email from MS:

Please accept our sincere apology for inviting you to webinar
"Host your website on Azure Cloud for just $1 per month!"
in Russian language. This happened due to a human error
and we are reviewing our processes to ensure this type of mistake will not happen again.

And that was quite true. But...

I have set Russian on my mobile phone, just for fun.
(I am Polish and Russian does not puzzle me.)
The mobile gets push mails from my work account.
When I got it in Russian I thought that they had sensed
the language of my phone. It was a "wow" for me and now,
to be frank, I feel a little bit disappointed.

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